Emerging Leaders Programme



To allow time for team projects, there are 7 full-day sessions spaced over seven months.

Applicants agree to attend at least 5 of 7 sessions and must have approval to do so.

Workshop overview:

Each workshop will include:

  1. Inspiring speaker

  2. Personal and team reflections

  3. Practical Leadership Skills

  4. Healthcare Leadership Theory

  5. Team Project work

Workshop Timing

Pre-workshop           Suggested reading and/or individual activities

0900-1000                 Invited speaker (fireside chat)

1000-1200                 Practical and theoretical sessions (core sessions)

1200-1300                 Lunch

1300-1500                 Practical and theoretical sessions (fun and interesting)

1500-1700                 Project work, coaching and mentoring

Post-workshop         Project meetings, project mentoring sessions, specific project tasks, coaching and mentoring

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