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Course Overview

Over 6-8 months, participants attend monthly sessions with invited speakers, lectures, workshops and skills sessions. We explore leadership, management and change, and engage in discussions with senior leaders who offer insights from their personal experiences. Throughout the course participants work together in teams on a range of quality improvement projects to put into practise the theory learned on the course. The work from previous cohorts has been presented internationally and has resulted in sustained change in multiple OUH departments.

Course Participants

The Emerging Leaders Programme invites multidisciplinary applicants from all healthcare professions, healthcare management, and both primary and secondary care.

Overall Aim

The aim of the Oxford Emerging Leaders Programme is to intervene at a critical career stage to provide a strong, general foundation in conflict management, influencing and leadership, which participants can then build on as their career progresses.

Applications Open

Applications for our 2019/2020 cohort have now closed. If you would like to know when applications open for the next cohort, please enter your email address in the expression of interest form.


Oxford Emerging Leaders Programme Outcomes

Graph of Primary Colours Leadership Domains

Pre- and Post- course participant self-assessment scores (out of 10)

Bars indicate 95% Confidence Intervals


Programme outcomes were demonstrated at Kirkpatrick levels 1 (Reaction), level 2 (Learning), level 3 (Change in behaviour), and at level 4 (Clinical outcomes), and have been presented at national and international conferences. ELP participants showed statistically significant increases in a range of leadership domains and tasks. Increases were greatest in Strategic Direction (+3.5/10, 95% CI 2.2-4.8), Creating Alignment (+2.1/10, 95%CI 1.1-3.1) and Relationships with Managers (+1.9/10, 95%CI 0.6-3.2).

A significant majority of ELP participants reported increases in confidence (85%), motivation (85%), job satisfaction (85%) and resilience (62%) as a result of the programme. 50% of projects achieved intended system-level outcomes with 25% making significant progress towards intended outcomes (well above estimated healthcare and industry success rates)

The success of the first ELP led to expansion for the second cohort, which was delivered primarily by graduates of the first programme in a train-the-trainer cascade model. Adaptation to evaluations and feedback led to a further expansion into ELP3, which will run over 7 months, with off-site workshops, external and internal speakers, group projects and mentors and individual coaching as part of a randomised controlled trial.

Applications Open

Applications for our 2019/2020 cohort are now open for Oxford-based healthcare professionals.

Applications will close on 13 October 2019.


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